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Broadcast Schedule

Monday, July 21, 2014 Weekly

12:00amDr. Herbert RoweDr. Herbert Rowe
12:30amL. W. Gates MinistriesLambert Gates
1:00amRaise The Praise!Apostle Huie Rogers
1:30amInternational Fellowship of Christians and JewsRabbi Yechiel Eckstein
2:00amDaylight Christian Center ChurchPastor Jerome & Theresa Talley
2:30amBreakthroughRod Parsley
3:00amDr. Glenn ArekionDr. Glenn Arekion
3:30amRuth Smith HolmesArchbishop Ruth Smith Holmes
4:00amEnjoying Everyday LifeJoyce Meyer
4:30amWoody Martin MinistriesWoody Martin
5:00amWord Special
5:30amThe Power to Change TodayPastor Gregory Dickow
6:00amMarriage TodayJimmy & Karen Evans
6:30amLife TodayJames and Betty Robinson
7:00amCreflo DollarCreflo Dollar
7:30amJoseph PrincePastor Joseph Prince
8:00amThe Place For MiraclesRichard and Lindsay Roberts
8:30amDr. JazzDr. Jazz
9:00amJoseph PrincePastor Joseph Prince
9:30amThe Potters TouchBishop T. D. Jakes
10:00amEnjoying Everyday LifeJoyce Meyer
10:30amBreakthroughRod Parsley
11:00amRockWealth MinistriesDr. Todd Coontz
11:30amBelievers’s Walk of FaithDr. Bill Winston
12:00pmToday with Marilyn and SarahMarilyn Hickey & Sarah Bowling
12:30pmPaula White TodayPastor Paula White
1:00pmMarriage TodayJimmy & Karen Evans
1:30pmDr. Sandra KennedyDr. Sandra Kennedy
2:00pmHeart to HeartBishop Lyle Dukes and Deborah Dukes
2:30pmThe Place For MiraclesRichard and Lindsay Roberts
3:00pmPastor Sam AdeyemiPastor Sam Adeyemi
3:30pmToday with Marilyn and SarahMarilyn Hickey & Sarah Bowling
4:00pmDr. Abel DaminaDr. Abel Damina
4:30pmJoseph PrincePastor Joseph Prince
5:00pmThis Is Your DayPastor Benny Hinn
5:30pmBreakthroughRod Parsley
6:00pmPeter Popoff MinistriesPeter Popoff
6:30pmHour of SalvationPastor David Ibiyeomie
7:00pmDr. Frank SummerfieldDr. Frank Summerfield
7:30pmCreflo DollarCreflo Dollar
8:00pmBishop Charles H. Ellis IIIBishop Charles H. Ellis III
8:30pmLove a ChildBobby and Sherry Burnette
8:30pmWord Network Special PresentationVarious Speakers
9:00pmInternational Fellowship of Christians and JewsRabbi Yechiel Eckstein
9:30pmBridge of Faith International MinistriesBishop Larry A. Harris
10:00pmEnjoying Everyday LifeJoyce Meyer
10:30pmLife TodayJames and Betty Robinson
11:00pmFull Gospel Holy TempleBishop Herman L. Murray Jr.
11:30pmWisdom KeysDr. Mike Murdock